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Using scarves as a belt is simple: you can see our instructional video + read instructions on how to wear a scarf as a belt bellow video feed.

Yes, wearing scarves as a belt is fun and easy. . where are at least thirty different ways to tie a scarf as a belt, just scarf needs to be long enoght. Scarves and belts go together as magic. Nothing is more fashionable then the matching scarf and belts. One you wear around your neck and the other your waist. Step Number 1: he looks in to your eyes ( sees the scarf) and Step Number 2: he looks at your waist. Scarf as a belts: this is the other great way to wear a scarf. Most of the belts come in solid colors. You will not find any major brand names of taking financial risk to develop no solid belt of good quality. But, scarves - you can find great quality silk scarves in fantastic summer colors which you can war around your waist as a best and look just gorgeous. How to wear a scarf as a belt or how to tie a scarf belt around your hips : Just put a fashionable scarf around your hips and tie it in the front. What kind of knot you should you choose? Silk scarf belts can be tied in many ways, as silk is more elastic and more gentle then other materials, any knot you will choose will look just fabulous on you. You can war it loose, casual or tuck the edges insides. Your options are limitless, you are only limited by you knowledge of different knots. The looking for the scarf belts one is best to choose between two kinds of materials. One is silk and the other is polyester. Why silk is more colorful and is a better material - one has to remember that silk doesn’t offer durability polyester would as a belt. Yes, Polyester is a cheaper and won’t be as colorful as a silk, but I feel this is a material what suites best then worn around the jeans. Jeans fabric is more coarse then other fabrics and silk will be worn out very fast then worn around the jeans. I fell that polyester will be much better as a belt for jeans. Is size important for the belt scarves? Yes, it is very important. The length of the scarf will determine the knot options you will have to tie your scarf. The longer scarves will offer you more options then tying your scarf-belts. How to wear? It's totally up to you. There are so many ways you can utilize this small beautiful scarf. Let me introduce you some example of how to wear. You may want to fold it half diagonally (make a triangle shape) and make a knot in the front. Surely this will make you more elegant. If you want cute and casual look, you might want to fold it in half diagonally again, and roll it several times making straight shape and wrap it around your neck. Or your wrist.

For more ways to use a scarves as a belt - please see our video at the top of this page.