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Here are a few simple: how to tie a square scarf INSTRUCTIONS explained in step by step:
(just following these simple instructions will teach you how to tie a square scarf )

How to tie a scarf a square scarf: Several techniques on hot to updated your look on a zero budget. Learn how to tie a scarf and newer look the same again. Tying square scarf Method N 1: 1: Take a square scarf , size 90x90cm or 36x36. Fold it in half creating a triangle. Then fold it again to create long silk line. 2: Wrap this long silk line around your neck. 3: Tie a scarf with a simple knot. 4: Then a tie s scarf with bow knot, but only make a half a bow knot. For this you have to take left end of the scarf, fold it in half and make another knot with right end around your neck. Thus making a half-bow knot. 5: Your final result half a bow Some videos about our scarves and scarf tying techniques: Video 1: How to tie a long scarf and make a flower decoration from scarf. Video 2: Tying a square scarf into a nech warmer. Video 3: Another method to tie a square scarf. Video 4: How to tie a long shawl. Video 5: