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THE USAGE OF HEAD SCAVRVES CAN SPAND FORM FASHION TO MANDATORY, DEPENING ON COMMUNITY YOU LIVE IN. VENERASTORE .COM is largest online store, offering wide variety of fashion gifts to all you fashion lovers. We carry over 400 of fashion product ready for immediate shipping to our customers, and knows for the speed and flawless execution of your orders.

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The rapid growth of our inventory is beneficial to our customers, as now you can also shop online for the Head Scarves made from organic silk. Take advantage of this new product today. Be the first one in your group to get exclusive designs and experience unparalleled quality of our product.

Are you a looking for Head Scarves for your church? Shopping at is an excellent choice if you are shopping for your religious needs. We have your head covers in all shapes, sizes and colors. All you need to do is come to our site and find what you need. Once you made up your mind – you simply order it and we will ship to you right away. ALL OUR PROUCTS ARE MADE FROM 100% SILK. FULL REFUND IS GURANTIED, IF YOU ARE NOT SATTISFIRED WITH OUR PROUCT.

VENERASTORE.COM offers your HEAD SCARVES at reasonable price, but there is nothing ordinary about the quality of our product. We pride yourselves on supplying you with excellent merchandise. This is what you get with your purchase:

• Consider that receivers wardrobe. We recommend to do color matching to existing wardrobe what considering a fashion gift. Choose the items from our large selection using pictures and conider the color!
• Consider needs of the receiver. Where is most likely that person to wear a Head Scarves? In that environment it will be worn.

Discover the silk square scarf and scarves for yourself, your family and your friends. We have hundreds of styles in silk square scarves for all tastes and ages. We sell only highest quality of silk scarves, you will feel great and luxuries wrapped in our scarves. You can’t make mistake with our silk scarves - if you receive it and not happy with the quality, you can send it back to us for the full refund.

“Thank you for expediting our scarf, love the quality and design. We needed it as a gift for our mom, and it came on time and it is great. Again, thank you very much and we are very happy with our purchase. We definitely will buy again in a future “ Anisha Coldwell, London, UK.

Whenever your reason for wearing silk square scarves or head scarves, your reasons may be religious or fashion, please remember what: your large silk square scarf is a fashionable accessory. Square Scarves are the first part of your outfit what people take a note of. Naturally, then people look at you they see your face, your hair and your hat. If you are wearing your head scarf on the head - people will naturally take a note of it first. Choosing the right color of your head scarf is important in order to make the rest of your outfit work. As I have mentioned earlier: first people see your face, head and head accessories. After seeing your head, person usually will take a note of the rest of your outfit, but your scarf will be the first impression you will ever make. And you know how the first impressions are important during introduction.

Square silk scarves are great accessories for fashionistas of any age or appearance. Whenever you physical appearance, blond, brunette or redhead - you will look fantastic with our square scarves. Silk scarves offer comfort, feeling of confidence and pride.

Perfect style fashion accessories offering great feeling of soft silky touch and perfect for any outfit. Offering protecting form the sun and wind on any day or season.

Many famous women around the world had made their fashion statements with a help of square silk scarves. These practical fashion accessories helped to improve fashion look to millions of women around the world. Recently silk square scarf became the new fab in the office settings around the world. With this fashion accessories help millions of women to highlight their fashion sense even then wearing just plane suit.

Chiffon Large Square Silk Scarves come in many shapes and sizes. This section presents Beautiful large square silk chiffon scarves.

Silk Head Scarves section offers only one hundred percent silk scarves (100% silk). Bellow you can find and buy silk scarves, square chiffon scarf and scarves, square head scarves. Some of the designs bellow are art reproduction of art work or inspired by the painting of old Italian and French “masters of the brush”. Also please don’t forget to visit our “Moschino” section to see Moschino head scarves.

We have a silk head scarf and scarves for every event and occasions. You can buy silk scarves right now. We have head scarves for the loved one, for anniversary present, gift to the loved one and gift with idea…. ;-) Well, you get it – have fun and give generously to your friends and family. If you looking for the head scarf gift – buy the best 36"x36". Buy square silk chiffon scarf from venerastore!
Welcome to the, here you can buy your next silk square scarf. We are online boutique dedicated with providing our customers with silk head scarves and head accessories. All our scarves are from 100% silk and are of best quality available in the scarves industry. Due to the large volume of the scarves we sell around the world – we are able to offer unique designs in the silk scarves to our customers.

About the quality of silk scarves: silk scarves are differing by the weight of the silk which is used in making the product. The logic is simple: the more silk goes in making the scarf – the better quality the scarf will be. More heavy silk scarves content more silk and hence are better quality scarves. Please note, that it takes more dye to dye have silk scarves and that allows them to retain original colors longer. The silk head scarves usually made from 10mm silk, 12mm silk and 14 mm silk. We sell only 14mm silk scarves.

About the size of the head scarves: Silk head scarves come in 36”x36” square shapes. These scarves can be used to tie around the head or the neck. You can see instructional video of how to tie a scarf on the web, we will make sure to post one at the later date. About our silk head scarves finishing: Each of our silk head scarves are hand rolled edges and delicate finishing.

Our Mission: to provide our customers we quality product and value with each purchase.

About Square silk scarves:
Silk Square scarves history: From the dawns of time silk was highly regarded in the world of fashion. Production of silk required skills and knowledge vigerosly protected from outside world. Silk originated in china, as that is the geographic area populated by the silk catepillar. With the rise of silk industry came the rise of silk scarves and garments. Many years rullers of china guarded the sicret for the silk ftoum foreigners, vertualy mantaining chinees monopoly on silk fabric. Many stories exist on how western travelers tried to bring silk cattaiillar to Italy to setup silk industry in Europe. The chalange with seting up silk industry in the west was in providing silk worm with food, as western hemospher lucks nessesary trees. With development of infastracture silk production was funaly setup in Europe in 20th century on a large scale.

“Square scarves or Head Scarves are not as head accessory anymore, you can use it on your purse or around your neck or as a garment addition. “

Video about our square silk scarvse: how to tie a silk square scarf:

Buy silk scarves in different colors: "Color is more than just a pigment. It can represent an emotion, change in a mood or to create an atmosphere. Psychologically speaking, color can give off negative or positive feel; it all depends on the shade or atmosphere. Basic of color theory begins with how color is seen through the eye or how sun light falls on the object. The surface of the object absorbs all the colored light rays, excluding what is corresponding to the color and reflects this color to the human eye. The eye receives the reflected color light and sends message to the brain. Each color on the color feel has its own representation. "

Nothing underlines your elegance as square scarf does!
14.05.2011 This is a Perfect gift for mother, sister or daughter. Luxury and modesty in on package! Thinking of great gift idea, but not sure that to give that will express your feelings? Well, you have to consider silk scarf! Nothing else can be as gentle and luxurious to touch as pure silk! And good thing: “ you don’t have to worry about size” . One size fits all, as head scarves come in only this size!