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Funky hats, scarf and scaves- fashion hats:
Sooo,  you want to look funky this winter?  Common, admit it – you are here because you have searched for the funky looking scarf or hat!  Right..?! No or Yes? Let me hear it: "Fun-Fun-Funky" Ah” (happy sigh)  “Finally you admitted, you can't have fun with out funky”. Ok, now when we are on the same page, Let me tell you a few things about funky scarves, and hats.  Any woan or man can look funky this winter.  Here it comes………

Funky scarves and funky hats trend is growing. Funky Fashion is growing in small towns to large communities, people want to be creative with their own look. Comming winter peopel want to look fun and have fun, and funky hats willhelp.  Funky fun should not stop just because we have to much snow or weather is frizzing.  We still want to go out and meet our friends.  People want to keep looking cool and stylish no matter what weather dictates to them. Why settle for just warm a comfy? With a FUNKY scarf from Venera Store you get your old warm and comfy + cool and stylish.   Yes, cool and stylish scarves and hats for everyone! Don’t pretend what style is not important to you, “big it  up”, (it is being you attitude) in the cold weather. Funky looking scarf or hat is what makes your winter wardrobe a “socially acceptable”.  Get the look you want with the feel you need, that is warm and comfy feel. Here you can choose between all types of funky looking accessories to keep you will protected in the snow.
Which funky style is for you? Well, that is completely up to you. Choose between many of our funky looking accessories to create your own unique style. All we can do is provide you with a few ideas and the picture.  Creating your own funky style is up to you?!

So, what is funky this year?  Well, old funky style is out and new funky styles are in.  What is this new mysterious   new funky style? Do you want to hear a secret?  Secret about what is funky this season.  Well, the secret is simple - it is you.  What works for you - is in style. Yes, you are in style!  You are funky!

Yes, I know - sometimes you just have to wear a scarf to meet rigged weather demands. So, how to meet these demands and not to look like a season “pushover”. Well, funky knitted scarves might be just your answer to that problem. As long as you wear unique hats - your will have a unique time! Well, they don’t have to be exactly knitted, but they need to be funky! Wearing funky scarf or shawls or a hat in a winter will help you find a new funky friends.
In the summer  you can wear silk scarf with a funky colors to make a conversation happening in any group of friends. OK, so colors are not what you want? Well, what about funky shapes and styles? Yes, not you can choose all kinds of funky looking scarves and shawls.

And don’t forget : “Nothing makes party fun like funky hat”.  Oh yes!  Give a funky hat for birthday or other occasion.  Good thing is – everyone will see your gift, as it will be literally in the center of the things – right there on top of birthday boy’s or girl’s hat – right in the middle of opening a present process!