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Welcome to’s  Neck Scarf and Scarves section . In this section you can browse through our magnificent selection of silk neck scarves.  Neck scarves are usually small square scarves, which you can tie around your neck or your bag or purse.  We sell only 100% neck scarves, as only silk will give you warm and comfortable feeling.
“Neck silk Scarves are the fashion statement.” You can wear silk scarf around your neck or purse. Having several of these beautiful accessories in your closet will give you great flexibly with your wardrobe. Lately, I saw a new trend: neck scarf tied in a bow around the ladies purse. I was very impressed by the idea as one can use a new scarf around the purse every day.

The idea of neck scarves can be traced back to the ancient time. Ironically, it was men who were the first users of the neck scarves. More than 2000 years ago, men of Egypt, Greece and Rome needed something to clean their hand body after hard work in the field. Having a small cloth wrapped around the neck was not only protecting them from the wind, but they also were able to use that cloth to clean themselves. Basically, they used neck as we use pocket in our clothing now.

As time passed, and civilization progressed – wearing a small scarf around the neck became a fashion statement. Designers developed new patterns and designs; small neck cloth for men has changed to become tie and scarf. We owe much of the change to the French, who in turn were influence by the India and Napoleon’s conquests in Egypt. It is said what Josephine , wife of Napoleon the First, had quite a collections of scarves and shawls.

When it comes to fashion scarves, you are more likely to think of any other scarf but the neck scarves. However, neck scarves have been loved by many people for a classic and timeless look. Either you love to wear dresses, or denim jacket, you will be able to incorporate classic look with your own style. If you never tried this amazing item, we strongly suggest you to try. We are sure you will fall in love with these neck scarves.

Remember most of our neck neck scarves are made of 100% silk! You will feel silky soft touch with very light weigh property. On top of that, you will love beautiful sheer of silk scarves. Silk shines along with your and lets you shine! Venera offers a variety of assortments of neck scarves which will make your very happy. Please check our site and find your favorite silk neck scarf!

Neck scarves can be worn in a different ways. You can tie one around your neck, wrist or your bag. I think they are very fashionable and feminine. You can pick your neck scarf to match your shoes, your bag or you outwear. The choice is yours. Silk neck scarves looks fabulously with white blouse in the office settings. You can wear your formal office outfit with silk neck scarves and be very fashionable. Add a little color to your office life with silk neck scarves. Be formal and yet colourful at the same time. Just be your sefl.