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Our Fur scarves:
Our fur scarves come in many shapes and sizes. We have items shaped as cape or as good old rectangular or square scarf. The good thing about fur scarf in a cape shape is that it has a neck cutout, so it sits nice and comfy around your shoulders. The advantage of the rectangular fur scarves is that they are more casual, as it is less of the garment and more accessory then a cape, and you can take it down from your shoulders any time during conversation.

Types of the fur scarves:
Most of fur scarves are winter items, but some of these scarves can be used of the night out events. Good quality fur scarf will protect you against the cold of air-conditioning at the corporate party. We have fur scarves from the cashmere, wool and polyester. Fur scarves on polyester are more of the summer variation of the fur scarves, as they made from the very light material.

How to wear fur scarves:
To wear a fur scarves we recommend to tie it in a knot or to use a nice pin to pin it. You can tie fur scarves around your neck or around your shoulder or just looping it around your body. You can use on pin on your fur scarves or several, it is up to you. Some people prefers large clip, to style fur scarves. One time I saw a large silver clip on black fur scarf and it looked fabulous.
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The right time for the cape or poncho is so short. You can wear these fabulous fusion items just a few weeks a seasons, just before the snow or sun comes. So, donít waste your time and get prepared. If you donít own nice cape or poncho - now is the time to order.

Cape or Poncho are not a usual wardrobe - to wear this items you need to have a good fashion taste and be able to combine different clothing items to crate that remarkable style. The best clothing in combination with capes or ponchos are jeans or leggings. If you wearing any kind of pants with capes or ponchos, make sure this pants are tight.

Long capes or ponchos do a wonder for the full figure women - adding charm and elegance to the appearance. Also, ladies at the early pregnancy stage - will find these items to be helpful in hiding that just starting to show belly.

Fur Winter Scarves or capes make not only a greatest accessory in the winter, but also provide you with warmth and comfort during the color fall and winter seasons. Thinking about going on the cruise around Alaska? Don't forget to pack a nice furry scarf for those chilly mornings on the cruise ship.

Most of our fur scarves are shipped in twenty four Ė forty eight hours. Special shipping arrangements can be made at the buyers requests.

Payments methods :
You can pay with Visa, Master Card or American express. We also accept mailed in cheques, but goods only shipped after we have received and deposited the cheque. Paying with a major credit card will help to speed up the shipping of your order.