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Cashmere wool scarves , or as commonly called cashmere scarves are fiber made goods, produced from the wool of goats inhibiting cashmere region in India.  Unique geographic location of Cashmere region attributes to the special texture of said wool, contributing to the exceptional warmth cashmere made products provide.   These goats are known to have a double layer fleece, with inner layer to be made from fine ,soft fleece and outer layer to be more coarse then the closer to be skin layer.  The wool obtained from the inner layer of the animal is of much higher quality and is regarded of the highest quality wool known. The wool made from inner layer of the fleece is called cashmere wool, or as it also came to known pashmina.

It is estimated what only 150 grams of pure cashmere is produced per animal in a year That is exactly the weight of one wool hat for one man or a woman made from pure cashmere.

Cashmere wool shawls and scarves characteristics and qualities: said scarves and shawls are known to be strong, durable and yet exceptionally light and soft.  You will feel immediate healthy respond once you wear cashmere made hat or garment. "Women" just love the feel of cashmere scarf.

In the recent years, due to the domestication of the Cashmere goats, cashmere wool is being produced around the world. Currently china is leading nation in cashmere productions, producing more than ten thousand of metric tons per year, where as a world production is estimated to be around fifteen to twenty   metric tons.  According to this data, Chinese cashmere wool production accounts for over a half of all cashmere produced worldwide.

Though the centuries, Cashmere Goats wear acclimatized to foreign countries by producing a local bread-cross over between imported cashmere goats and local goats.  First of such experiments was conducted in France in yearly 1800s resulting in the acclimatized goat with two layer flees and ability to produce of three ounces of inner layer wool . From that time, the raise for creating animal with ability to produce more of inner layer wool was on, but still if you are looking for the best cashmere it has to come from the original cashmere goat.

In India, pure cashmere was used to produce Kashmir Shawls .  These were delicate shawls, decorated with gold and silver, destined to be as royal gifts. Some Indian princes, out of affection for their elephants and do display their royal wealth had even ordered Cashmere cover for their elephants.