Here we offer various winter mens scarves & mens cashmere scarves. Also please see our scarves selection for spring, fall and summer season.  Please see our pure silk scarves, winter wool scarves or both silk and wool combination scarves.

Mens scarf, Cashmere and Wool Scarves! Scarves for men!

Scarves for men are becoming the style accessory for men everywhere. If you havenít worn scarves before Ė donít waste any time and try them today. Besides keeping you warm, scarves are used to add color and personality to your appearance! Just remember one thing: a manís scarf has to compliment his shirt or jacket. When matching a silk mens scarf with outerwear you have to consider patterns as well as colors. Our products: You can browse, choose, select and purchase your winter or summer scarves for men here Ė we have everything from menís wool scarves to lighter silk ones for warmer seasons. The majority of orders are shipped in a 24-48 hour period of time. Once your purchase is complete, you will receive an email with the status of your order.
We offer menís scarves in various colors and materials. Our collection includes items made from various luxurious fabrics. We are especially proud of our MADE IN ITALY items from silk and wool.
New Items: scarves for men with front side made form silk and reverse side made from wool. This is stylish dressy scarf, with very warm underlining. One can wear this item in the colder months of the year and still look stylish.
How to wear a menís scarf? One can simply wear a menís scarf around your neck or tie it! Wearing a mans scarf is simple!
Wide menís scarves are important in the winter, as they offer protection against the cold and wind. Thin scarves should be used only as a fashion accessory for men, as they offer very little protection against the cold. The fabric used in the scarf is important as it defines the style and design of the scarf. A menís cashmere scarf is a great option for winter as it is both luxurious and stylish whilst still being warm enough for the harsh winter weather. Alternately, one can use a menís wool scarf which is still efficient at keeping you warm but is less expensive than its cashmere counterpart.
Menís scarves are becoming ever more a fashion craze, inspired by the style of European men. In Europe, particularly in the France, Spain and Italy, men wear scarves regardless of the season. Of course, informal and casual look is more popular among European males then it is in North America. Often you can see European males wearing scarves casually during business meetings, as wearing scarf adds aura of confidence, youth and energy. North American males are more conservative in the wardrobe and wearing fashionable scarves to the business meeting is a thing of a future for them.
The length of the scarf needs to be proportional to your body. Are you wearing your scarf over your coat or under? Will you have your suit on or will you wear a jacket? Your wardrobe will dictate the type of scarf you will wear. Scarves can be formal, semi-formal and informal. If you are looking for the formal scarf, then the length of scarf should be the double of the length of your body from the neck down to just 7 inches above your waist. If you are going for the semi-formal look Ė then you can go for the longer scarf, even one which may reach your waist and wear it over your neck.
How thick should your scarf be? Width of the scarf is determined by your overall wardrobe. If you will wear your scarf with a suit and under a coat, go for the thinner type of scarves. If you live in a cold climate, then stick with a wider natural wool and cashmere scarf, as these types of materials will provide you with significant warmth.
Latest fashion trend in manís scarf fashion are the scarves with stripes and plaid scarves. I consider these last two to be informal or at least semi-formal type of scarves for men. Many men have just fantastic look when wearing scarves with stripes.
Should I wear my scarf in a knot? What type of scarf do you have? Please remember: formal scarves are not meant to be tied! Wearing a knotted scarf will shorten the length of scarf and as stated before: formal scarves are already shorter then semi-formal and informal scarves.
Each season rolls out new styles and fashionable colors for menís scarves and accessories.  Keeping up with the fashion is important in today urban life.
Unfortunately, keeping up with the fashion can be costly Ė as cost will include time and money.   Stay ahead of your competition by employing online stores and online shopping to satisfy your style needs.
Great gifts for every season!  Give a gift of scarf for men!
Accessories for Man:
Style, individuality and good taste Ė these are synonymous with independence and personal success. Want to show to the world what you are treating yourself with respect?  Then, start by treating your wardrobe with respect. You can start by spending sometime selecting a right scarf for yourself.
Correctly selected scarf can tell about the man who has a good taste, wealth, advertises personal success to the world and even tells little about personal hygiene. Also, man who is careful with his scarf selection is probably very much disciplined and carful then it comes to the work or professional task. Wearing a right scarf for your job interview  - maybe a good idea.  Newer mind manís age of social status Ė you can find your right manís scarf in our store.
Modern city dwellers have long ago assessed the value of the little accessories and never leave home without them. Then choosing a right scarf Ė man needs to consider his shirt, jacket or coat. Manís scarves are characterised by their simplicity, yet adds a little special look to your image
In this section you can find manís scarves what will help you to keep up with the latest fashion trends.  If you like to stick to that classic look Ė we have scarves for you too.
Life is full of unexpected occasions. Sometimes, even the less unappealing man will find himself in the situation when he must project the look of success and confidence. So, spend a few minutes selecting a right scarf for your self Ė the payback will be greater then you expect.