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Buy ladies scarves wear and beautiful fashion shawls and wraps online, Our Boutique for fashion accessories lets our visitors to shop and make purchases online.

Welcome to the venerastore.com, we are online boutique dedicated with providing our customers with silk beautiful scarves and beautiful accessories. All our scarves are from 100% silk and are of best quality available in the scarves industry. Due to the large volume of the scarves we sell around the world we are able to offer unique designs in the silk scarves to our customers.

In today's world girls have many responsibility, taking care of these resposiblities is easier they you carry individual image, so people you deal with can associate you with something pleasant. To find your image, your style - you will spend lots of time and money, trying out different makeup and clothing. Please remember, that make up and clothing alone will not be enough - you will need correct accessory to help you on your way. First category of accrues you should consider are : scarves, shawls with original designees and colours. Fashion changes from year to year, but good accessories are here to stay! Smart women not only worry about general wardrobe for day to day tasks but also about accessories, since accessories tell your story:" I am fashionable and prepared for challenges". Smartly used scarf can supplement for head wear.
About the quality of silk scarves: silk scarves are differing by the weight of the silk which is used in making the product. The logic is simple: the more silk goes in making the scarf the better quality the scarf will be. More heavy silk scarves content more silk and hence are better quality scarves. Please note, that it takes more dye to dye have silk scarves and that allows them to retain original colors longer. The beautiful silk scarves usually made from 10mm silk, 12mm silk and 14 mm silk. We sell only 14mm silk scarves. About the size of the beautiful scarves: Square Silk scarves come in 36" square shapes. These scarves can be used to tie around upper parts of your body. You can see instructional video of how to tie a scarf on the web, we will make sure to post one at the later date.

About our silk scarves finishing: Each of our beautiful silk scarves are hand rolled edges and delicate finishing.

This site is dedicated to online shopping for special occasion or corporate gifts. VeneraStore.com specializes and especially proud of our silk shawls, which in majority is created by our individual orders. Also, we offer an number of brand name products, newest addition to our line of the brand name products is the moschino silk scarves.

"VeneraStore.com is online boutique for ladies scarves, dressy shawls, scarves and other modern accessories. Majority of the items have guarantied 24 hours shipping, meaning we ship in 24 hours or less from the time you make you pay for your purchase. As the method of payments, we accept: all major credit cards and cheques. Please note: we have to receive your payment prior to the shipping. Our store is specializing in the dressy silk scarves and shawls. Recently we have added colorful selection of summer wraps & bags, so customers can shop for the cruise and vocations. Our Summer Bags have proven their style and durability with our customers and are in the high demand. Please note what you save on shipping then ordering more than one scarf, since shipping cost will mostly stay the same. Ordering more than one scarf will allow you shipping your next item for free as the shipping costs of the 1st scarf will cover most of the shipping costs. " How to chose the right scarf for your? Read on this topic as well as how to collaborate your clothing and natural colors (color of your hair, your eyes and skin) with the scarf.

Our business is dedicated to provide our visitors with information about fashion accessories, such as shawls and scarves. Our goal is to provide our visitors with information about fashion accessories, as we strongly believe that educated shopper will make right decisions about the next purchase, regardless of where that purchase from, this website or from a local boutique. Besides the shopping online outlet, we strive to provide fashion accessories information to the visitors, such as videos, pictures and sketches. As, was mentioned above: "our goal is to educate the visitor about our product and make visit to our site a fun, happy educational experience". Currently we are working on expanding our product range. As of today our sit is offering around 100 fashion scarves and accessories products, we hope to expand our product range to 400 items before September of 2009. While 400 fashion related items online store is an ambitious project, we hope to have that accomplished with the help of our customers. We encourage our visitors to contact us with suggestions and requests. On this site we don't teach how to knit scarf wear and give no instructions about knitting or scarf knit patterns, but we sell some very good knitted scarves you can find them in one of our eStore sections. We have a section dedicated to cold weather accessories, which come with complete sets and in many colors. Please follow this link for the direct shortcut to the section. Our silk scarves section has many beautiful silk wraps in great variety of the scarf patters. You can also find a hot to tie scarf video and learn how to wear a scarf.

For Customer Service in USA & Canada call us toll free at 1-800-387-5213. 9:00 am to 7:00 pm Pacific Time, 7 Days a Week

The history of the shawl traditions is a fascinating subject for the museums and private art collectors. Many collectors strive to poses these elegantly created shawls-object of art. Handmade shawls were a worldwide passion during eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The word shawl is derived from the word shawl means a fine woven fabric, then translated from the Indo-Persian.

About Our Store

Our Fashion accessories store for scarves, shawls and accessories is located is North America's leading fashion business providing fashion goods on retail and wholesale basis. We provide free delivery for the most location in Canada and USA for order over $90.00 USD or CAD. We offer speedy delivery with Fedex, ups and other currier services to ensure safe and reliable delivery for our customers. Customers are encourage to use our TOLL FREE NUMBER 1-888-213-4250 for special requests or any other consents. Also you wish you can send us email with your questions.

Ph: 1-888-213-4250 • Email Us •Toronto, Canada

Welcome to VeneraStore.com – your one in all online destination for ladies scarves online. Only here silk scarf and scarves, one of the kind and exclusive fashion accessories for all four seasons of the year.

Our Mission: to provide our customers we quality product and value with each purchase. Order online: Scarves, Beautiful Silk Scarf, Shawls, Accessories for the in the snow activities. Our Web store provides fantastic deals on the fashionable goodies and Silk Scarves. Buy beautifulSilk scarves and fashion accessories on line in the secured environment with confidence. We update our store with new merchandise seasonally. Buy hats or scarves online for the outdoor activities or as the present for your loved one. Our online store was made to allow customers to shop for shawls and wraps while bypassing the physical trip to the store of extra markups of conventional shopping. We provide goods of high quality and stand behind our products. Our ladies shawls and 100% silk scarves are printed on the exceptional quality silk. We also, provide designers silk scarves and shawls.